Most people experience blushing at some point. It is a normal, bodily reaction which occurs when the capillaries, tiny blood vessels which carry blood to our skin, widen and allow more blood to flow beneath the surface of the skin. This causes us to go red and to experience a feeling of being 'flushed'.

Social blushing, the kind that happens in an embarrassing situation or when we meet a specific person, is an issue that we can address. Many of us have been affected by this kind of blushing, although for some people, the problem is more serious and is known as chronic blushing, or erythrophobia.

Blushing is an unconscious, physical reaction, triggered by something external and is no different from any other learned response, such as screaming when we see a spider. In some ways, blushing is like a 'fight or flight' response where our bodies react to perceived threats. Sometimes problems with blushing can be traced back to a particular incident, for example, you may have been asked a difficult question by a school teacher which you could not answer. Perhaps you blushed and the teacher moved on to someone else. In this case, the blushing achieved a positive result, but if it persists over time in similar situations, it becomes a nuisance. Thinking back to the original event or situation which first started you blushing and working on it, can be a good way to deal with the root cause and prevent blushing.

It can also help to identify situations where you are prone to blushing and avoid them, although this is not always a good solution in social or work contexts. A practical way to stop and even to prevent blushing is to distract yourself when you feel yourself start to blush, or practice deep breathing to calm down. You can analyse times when you have and have not blushed, and what you did differently on each occasion.

Stopping blushing with Isis

Hypnosis can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. Because blushing is an unconscious reaction to certain stimuli, hypnotherapy can work with your unconscious mind to program in new, positive, unconscious reactions to these external triggers to make blushing a thing of the past.

Hypnosis can also help to control blushing by helping you to feel more comfortable in situations where you are likely to become flushed. We will work with confidence building and assertiveness so that you are less likely to feel vulnerable and respond by blushing.


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