The word phobia is used to describe a psychological disorder in which there is a gripping fear of a particular object or situation. Phobias are extreme, abnormal fears or aversions to a number of things from the common to the unusual.

The more common phobias include a fear of those things that many people fear to some extent, such as death, snakes, heights, spiders. Specific phobias are fears that usually cause no fear in the majority of people including a fear of flying, vomiting, feathers, buttons, frogs, clowns. The list is endless.

How Isis can help

Phobias respond well to a number of treatments. We will assess you and provide the therapy or therapies which will best treat your condition, tailored to your individual circumstances.

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective in the treatment of Phobias. We can reason that the feared object will not harm us, but the subconscious response can be that of real terror. Many phobias began during childhood, where we may have learned an inappropriate response of fear and panic. Hypnotherapy is an efficient tool in relieving phobias because it can communicate with the unconscious where the fear and panic exist. Learning to relax and manage stress is a fundamental step in treating phobias.

Systematic Desensitisation is an effective behavioural method used to deal with phobias. A list of fear provoking issues are generated using the subjective units of distress scale, or SUDS. You will then be enabled to gradually move through the list of fearful issues, eventually getting to the most frightening point of the phobia, while applying calming relaxation techniques, which leads to the elimination of the phobic response. This hypnotherapeutic method is a safe way to use systematic desensitisation without exposing you to the real phobic issue. It gradually confronts the fears using imagination, rather than real life confrontation. You will be provided with recorded hypnosis sessions to practice with and will also be taught self-hypnosis.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is often used to treat phobias. It is especially helpful for public speaking fears for example applying the fast phobia cure, which is a quick and effective way of treating phobias caused by a single incident. NLP does not involve a hypnotic trance state.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy concentrates on slowly and safely exposing a person to the feared situation or stimulus. This is called an exposure-based treatment, which involves repeated approaching of the fear-provoking situation or object until it no longer produces a strong fear reaction. CBT also addresses the maladaptive coping strategies and distorted thought patterns that surround the fear.

Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the face and body. It is a technique that you can be taught to use yourself.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is also a very effective treatment for people suffering from phobias.

EMDR can be used to relieve emotional blocks or fears and can be used to enhance the performance of individuals, for example, athletes, musicians, students, public speakers, actors and executives.

Fuller information relating to each of these techniques can be accessed on the website under Therapies.

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