Public Speaking

Does the thought of speaking in public leave you with butterflies in your stomach or legs feeling like jelly? Public speaking, making presentations, giving a talk, making a speech, can be a terrifying experience for some. Hypnotherapy can help you to get over public speaking anxiety by using the power of your subconscious mind.

Many people feel anxious about giving a formal talk or presentation and have a real phobia of speaking in public. This is backed up by fear of public speaking research. In a survey in the USA, where 3,000 adults were asked to list their ten worst fears, public speaking emerged as the number one fear, above even fears of death and financial crisis.

Some of the possible reasons for a fear of public speaking include the following

  • Unfamiliar situation -  Because most people speak formally to an audience only rarely, the novelty of the situation is a cause of nervousness.
  • Lack of confidence - This often stems from a feeling that others are better speakers than ourselves, or that they know more about the topic in question.
  • Sense of isolation - The speaker might feel quite alone and exposed.
  • Self-consciousness - This could be about our accent, grammar, voice and general image.
  • Fear of looking foolish - We may worry that we will forget what we wanted to say, will stumble over our words, or will say the "wrong" thing.

The fear of public speaking, which is a form of social phobia, is of course irrational but is all too real to those who suffer from it. Through hypnosis we can help you to build your confidence, enabling you to feel calm and relaxed. We will teach you how to recognise your body's distinctive reaction to stress and anxiety, then to develop new, healthy and positive ways of thinking and feeling. We will help you to use relaxation techniques in order to enable you to focus and to start to build feelings of confidence, calm and self-belief.

You will be taught to use visualisation techniques, allowing you to practice a speech or presentation. You will be able to experience the feelings associated with delivering a great performance and your mind will be reprogrammed for success. We will help you to restore feelings of confidence and control so that public speaking can be approached with a new level of calmness and assurance.

You may even learn to enjoy speaking in public and to look forward to presenting in a calm, assertive and impressive manner.


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