Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)is a form of cognitive behaviour therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis. It is an action-oriented psycho-educational approach to managing cognitive, emotional, and behavioural disturbances. REBT places emphasis on identifying and changing unhealthy beliefs and attitudes that are at the heart of emotional and behavioural problems. The core principle is that it is largely our own thinking about events that leads to emotional and behavioural distress. The issues that individuals believe are 'stress' or 'distress'are determined not by any unpleasant events or stressors experienced, but mainly by ‘irrational' or ‘unhealthy beliefs’ that they perceive are happening to them. Such beliefs are obstacles to achieving one’s goals and desires because they often tend to be self-belittling, rigid and absolutist demands. Thus they become de-motivating blocks to change, fuelled by excessive self-doubt as individuals seek perfect outcomes whilst failing to make desired changes to achieve goals.

REBT largely places its focus on the present, on currently held attitudes, painful emotions and maladaptive behaviours that can sabotage a more positive experience of life.

Ultimately, REBT aims to help individuals to develop a philosophy and approach to living that can increase their effectiveness and satisfaction at work, in living successfully with others, in parenting and educational settings and in enhancing their own emotional health and personal welfare.

I will work closely with you, to help uncover your individual set of beliefs, attitudes, expectations and personal rules, which may lead to emotional disturbance. We will then address and change disabling approaches to enable you to better achieve your goals.

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