Sexual Problems

Sex is supposed to be a wonderfully pleasurable experience, but if you are affected by premature ejaculation, impotence, inability to orgasm or other sexual difficulties, it can become highly stressful. Being with someone and not being able to pleasure them sexually in the way that you wish, not to mention the embarrassment some may feel, can be awful, no matter how understanding the other person may be.

If you are suffering from impotence, the first action should always be to speak to a medically trained professional to have any physical causes ruled out. It is also important to discuss other sexual difficulties such as premature ejaculation or difficulty in achieving orgasm with a medical professional.

Many sexual problems involve a significant performance anxiety which gets in the way of normal sexual functioning. Early sexual experiences can also set the pattern for hurried, urgent sex. Because your brain is designed to procreate, this can be received by the body as an extremely urgent instruction. Hypnosis can be a very helpful tool in the treatment of sexual problems including premature ejaculation, impotence and difficulty in achieving orgasm, especially if the cause is stress or anxiety related. Hypnosis can be used to retrain the brain to allow sex to progress as it should. Hypnosis can be designed to help you to last longer and to feel totally relaxed about when you orgasm. It helps the unconscious mind to 'update' the pattern it uses for sexual performance.

There is often a major psychological component to sexual problems and hypnosis is a commonly used technique to help address it.

After assessment you will receive treatment which will enable your mind and body to;

  • Learn to relax about sex
  • Stop worrying about your performance
  • Update the old “hurry up” unconscious pattern
  • Be confident that you can enjoy leisurely sex

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