How well you sleep at night can depend on your mental state before you go to bed. You may feel physically exhausted, but if you are worrying about the past or the future and have thoughts spinning around in your head, it can be very difficult to get to sleep, or once asleep to stay asleep. You may lie there in the dark with nothing to distract you from your thoughts or may feel tense and desperate and perhaps get more and more frustrated at not being able to get the good night’s sleep that you really need. You may just give up and get up for a while, then, when you finally do get to sleep, you may awake feeling even more tired.

Everyone experiences times when sleep is a problem. For short periods that can be manageable. But when poor sleep is what we experience night, after night, after seemingly endless night, then it is a very different position. We can become trapped in a vicious, continuous cycle of increasing stress levels and the consequent damage to our physical, emotional and mental health.

A good night’s sleep can help to relieve stress. Reduced stress helps to relieve the worry which may stop us sleeping well. I can help you to break this vicious cycle and once again enjoy good sleep.

Sleeping pills may give some temporary relief but of course they often come with unwelcome side effects such as drowsiness. With pills there is also the risk of addiction. Medical opinion is clear, sleeping pills are not a long term solution.

Hypnotherapy is often the solution as it can help to eliminate the real source of your sleeplessness and reset your body's sleep clock.

With a thorough assessment of your circumstances I can help you to devise a specific plan to address the issues causing your sleeplessness, so that you can take control of your life again. We will use hypnosis and a number of other strategies specific to your circumstances to find the right night time routine to enable you to take control of your circumstances.

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