Peter Retford December 2017

Just in time for Christmas I have broken the three stone barrier, three stone and three pounds to be exact since starting the programme with you.  So thanks again for the skills that started this and for keeping me going down the right track all these months.  Other health problems are also getting better and instead of keeping on telling me to lose weight, my doctor has took notice of me and has done some tests and discovered that for some years I have had other problems which are now being treated.  All this has made a welcome change to my general health and, after six months of not being able to drive, the DVLA has released my licence.

Sam December 2017

I have had IBS for over 10 years.  It affected everything in my life.  Honestly, your hypnotherapy is the only thing that has improved my management of my IBS.  I had tried everything; visits to my GP, specialist nurses, a consultant gastroenterologist and counselling. Nothing worked but hypnotherapy with you has made a huge difference and improved my quality of life dramatically.  

Ralph Worksop July 2017

Because of my physical disability I have put almost 5 stones on over the last 3 years.  I didn't seem to be able to stop it piling on.  Since seeing Julie in February I have lost 3 stones.  I feel fitter and more positive than I have done in years.  I am more active and feel able to go out and enjoy life again.  I can't thank you enough.  I know that I am going to keep on losing weight and feeling good.

James Mansfield March 2017

I have tried to stop smoking many times.  Hypnotherapy with Julie is the first thing that worked.  I used to smoke about 50 a day.  I don't even think about smoking any more.  Julie's programme works.

Sarah February 2017

After years of trying every diet going, losing weight only to put it all back on plus more, I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I did the hypnotic gastric band programme.  I cannot believe how well it has gone.  I feel great, confident, positive and in control.  Plus I have now lost just over 4 stone and it feels so easy.  It is staying off and I just feel right.  Thank you so much.  For the first time I feel like I am going to continue to succeed into the future.

Hannah, Retford October 2016

I decided to seek Julie’s help following a conversation with a friend about my battle with anxiety and panic attacks. I had lived with the condition for over 2 years and had tried all the usual medical help along with counselling and endless self help books, which all offered me little relief.

I met with Julie for my first session and knew she was the right person for me. Julie was so personable and warm and really helped me understand what was happening to my body and how I could take control with the right help.

Over the coming m
onths Julie taught me many techniques along with the use of self affirming cd's to use in different situations to help take control my pattern of anxiety and panic. I like to call this my toolbox which has all the tools I need to control different situation without having the dreaded panic overtake any rational thought. Myself and my family have noticed such a difference in my confidence and coping strategies for different situations and finally feel normal again.

I cannot recommend Julie enough, she has really helped me get my life back on track, thank you.

Thank you again for all of your help.

HypnoBirthing September 2016

Just wanted to let you know that our first baby was born on Friday October 7th. Right on her due date!
We had the most
 amazing homebirth in a pool. The whole thing was less then 5 hours! It was everything that we wanted!

Thank you so much for helping us learn the hypno techniques, clearly all the practice paid off!
Much love
D, J and F

HypnoBirthing August 2016

Baby G was born at 22:37 on Friday night weighing 6lb 8oz delivered naturally after enduring 5hrs and 40mins on the oxytocin drip.

I used hypnobirthing throughout - apparently I was very "zen". I allowed a student doctor in to our delivery suite to watch the birth and he kept using the "zen" word to describe me. I was hooked up to two machines, the drip and the baby heart monitor and the contraction monitor. I was therefore unable to move away from the bed for pretty much the whole time, was only able to detach to go to the toilet. The contraction monitor was inaccurate so I got M to measure the length and frequency of all my surges.

M spent 3 hours doing light touch massage until his shoulders were very painful.

The midwife and student doctor who were with us in the delivery room were puzzled over my inability to articulate my pain levels. I kept saying I wasn't in any pain so they struggled to gauge whether I was actually in established labour. This is what M tells me afterwards I didn't notice this at the time.

I lost my "zen" towards the end when it was quite unnatural with contractions running into each other lasting about 1mn30scs and no breaks in-between, I asked them to reduce the amount they were putting through the drip as it was unmanageable and I was getting dehydrated because I couldn't drink anything because I had no breaks. I used M's more accurate readings to help with my negotiation. They had to get a doctor to approve the reduction  on the drip, and were considering putting me on another drip to give me fluids... in the meantime they tried to give me gas and air but the valves were not connected so it was totally useless anyway... I tried 2 puffs on it, but it was pointless. Cast it to one side and carried on with birthing naturally...

Anyways, we got through it, they did turn down the drip, but then we moved into the birth phase. Tried really hard to do the birth breathing M said I did well, I think I could have done better. He was out in 3 or 4 pushes. Absolutely perfect he was, although did get all tangled in all my wires...

M cut the cord after they clamped it. M also requested they leave the placenta attached until it stopped pulsating which they also did. The placenta passed the easiest of all my births. 

Thanks for everything you did for us and helping give me the confidence to be induced and still succeed with hypnobirthing!!
Thanks D, M and G.

MT April 2016

I struggled with anxiety for over 4 years, getting worse.  I felt alone and tried to hide how I was.  In the end I felt desperate and alone.  A friend recommended Julie and I felt I had nothing to lose.  I was embarrassed and had no confidence or self esteem left.  I cannot believe the change.  Life is so very different now.  I know that I can cope with anything.  I have personalised hypnosis CDs and techniques which I use every day and I feel so much more positive and in control.  Thank you for all of your help.  You changed my life.

Sophie's Parents. March, 2016

Sophie has been like another child the difference is fantastic as long as she listens to her CDs when she goes to bed. This has had a positive impact on the whole family.  Thank you so much.

HT January 2016
I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years, since I was young.  I have tried most diets, some of them more than once.  I often lost some weight, then failed again and again, seeming to sabotage all of my efforts and ending up bigger and more and more depressed. 

When I decided to try the gastric band hypnosis system I was really grasping at straws as I didn’t know what else to try.   I finished the course 2 months ago and have lost 21 pounds so far, even though we have just had Christmas!  The programme is so much more than weight loss.  I actually understand myself so much more now.  I no-longer beat myself up when I am not perfect.  I am not on a diet and I don’t feel that I am constantly denying myself. 

I am losing weight slowly and consistently and it seems so easy.  I am satisfied with smaller portions and much to my surprise, I actually enjoy exercise including swimming and walking.  My family have commented on how much happier I seem and I feel so much more confident, motivated and positive about life.

Thank you so much Julie for your understanding and professionalism.  It has made all of the difference to my life and my ability to begin making the positive changes that I need to make.

AD December 2015

I have to admit that my experience with Isis Life Solutions and in particular Julie Leigh has been life changing, in such a positive way.  I have struggled with anxiety for years and having to go into a new job situation was stressful to say the least, but with Julie's professional and understanding manner, she has helped me to change my life.  Thank you.

DM October 2015
I decided on the gastric band programme because I had a number of different issues that I wanted help with, which I thought made me eat more.  I am really pleased to say that I am sleeping much better, my family say that I am so much more chilled, I feel so much happier and more positive about my life and best of all I have lost 14lbs since I came to see Julie and that is including a holiday!  Thank you so much for all of your help Julie.  I feel so much more in control of my life and my choices and I am losing weight steadily and easily. 

WS September 2015
After starting the hypnotic gastric band programme in July, I am still doing very well.  I have not drunk any pop or eaten any chocolate since our first session.  I have now (16 September) lost 3st in weight and 10 inches off my waist.  It's coming of slowly but very successfully
I am coping better with everything than I did before I met you, so thank you.  I still have lots of positive thinking and will keep getting more weight off.  I will keep in contact.

HS September 2015
Please know how grateful I am for all the extra effort you have put into helping me to get better.  I will never be able to express how grateful I am to you and how lovely it has been to meet and work with you. 
I will never be able to thank you enough Julie
You are truly an amazing influence and have been supportive beyond belief.  

Gill August 2015
I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Julie as she has helped me enormously with my depression. Taking tablets and having councelling has only helped slightly after two years. After talking to my hairdresser about it she said she had been helped by Julie and recommended that I try her. I thought "what have I got to lose". Well after four sessions I have lost my depression and all those horrible feelings that go with it and I have gained a lot of confidence and I am a much happier person now who looks upon life so differently and enjoys life. Julie is such a lovely understanding and caring person I would highly recommend her.  Gill 

SW June 2015
Following having a hypnotic gastric band a couple of months ago I would like to give Julie this testimonial. Having tried for years to lose weight initially I was very sceptical about this working, but as I am diabetic I knew I had to do something once and for all to get my weight issues under control. For the first few weeks after the band was fitted nothing much happened but I continued to listen to the CD's Julie had provided. She had told me that this may happen but to persevere with the techniques she had taught me.

I am now very pleased to say that I have started to lose weight. I do not eat between meals and find I am satisfied with smaller portion sizes. I am very motivated to walk, up to 10,000 steps some days, surprising both me and my family, I love it! I have a much better relationship with food and I am now in control of what and when I eat rather than food controlling me.

I genuinely believe Julie has given me a helping hand to be a new, slimmer, fitter more confident me and I would recommend her to anyone who has issues with managing their weight.

Ros Brown, March 2015
Julie was a breath of fresh air for me.  I have been in a dark place for over 2 years  going through divorce after a very long marriage,  I have really not had a life at all and have been hibernating in a sea of inactivity with bleak thoughts and little hope that things would ever change.  I got to a point where I dare not sit any more staring at the walls..................... this state pushed me,   finally, to seek help.
I had tried therapy in the past but it  brought no change and neither had medication,   in desperation I searched the web looking at maybe trying hypnotherapy,- something new!.
After   lots of searching I came across Julie Leigh (Isis Solutions)... When looking for a therapist it is often said there will be something you cant put your finger on that draws you to someone  and,  having been unsuccessful finding someone  in my area,     I felt drawn to Julie's smiling face ........... there was something in that moment I saw her and read her site  that I instantly warmed to.  Even though she was 30 miles from where I lived I was prepared to travel.  So I made my first appointment.

I left Julies session feeling understood, cared about and for the first time in a long time my step felt lighter,  dare I feel like something had lifted a little.?????  after all those months.   Julie spent time with me,   I was so impressed with Julies ability to understand and empathize.  I have had three sessions and each time left with my own  personal tapes to play..................... and other 'homework 'too.  I did have a couple of hiccups, but Julie was there through her emails to put me back on track!  Julie was my catalyst for change.  I am so grateful to her, she made me see there was a solution, there was a new bright future out there. I was living under a sea of negativity and depression and now that veil is starting to lift and change is happening.

I was desperate before I found Julie on the web, and now I am feeling so much more positive.  Julie is professional caring, empathetic, and able like a detective to sort out just what you need to work on to create change in your life.  A big big big thank you Julie you are a star!*

thank you thank you thank you Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne, Worksop, December 2014
I have been suffering very badly with anxiety.  The hypnotherapy sessions I have had with Julie over the last month have really helped me. 
I would like to say thank you for your time, patience and kindness.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie.
She is a lovely person with a lot of experience.

CB Worksop November 2014
I went to see Julie with a severe fear of needles.  I have now had my second round of Chemo and I managed much better this time and stayed calm throughout the blood test & inserting the cannula, so a great improvement.  This is more than I had hoped for and my husband was amazed to see the change.  I have already recommended Julie to a friend.

Sara Worksop September 2014
Presenting was becoming a problem for me, the fear so much sometimes that I could feel myself physically shaking.  A recent change of career meant that I would have to present more often and I wanted to get in control of it, rather than it controlling me.   I had a presentation to do to about 50-60 businesses in a few weeks time and it needed to be good.  Hypnotherapy had worked for me previously with another issue and so I contacted Julie.  I had one session and felt the difference immediately.  Presenting to small groups was much more relaxed and the large business event went amazingly.  Thanks to Julie I have conquered my demons. 

RB Worksop April 2014
The hypnotherapy sessions I had with Julie really helped with my confidence and pushed me in the direction I needed to be in. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with someone who obviously had great experience and training. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy in general, but I'd recommend Julie and Isis Life Solutions more!

HM Worksop February 2014
This is to thank you very much for all of your help and advice over the last year and to let you know that I am much better and still remembering all of your tips and exercises. 

I am now driving myself and organising things and feeling back in control of everything.  I have joined a yoga class and have a few ideas of other activities that I want to start.  I no-longer feel depressed and can look forward to the future again.

Thank you again for helping me so much.

RC Retford January 2014
When I went to see Julie I was overweight, despite regular exercise and trying to eat healthily.  I was lonely and had lost a lot of confidence. I knew that I had to make changes, but didn’t know where to start.

After working with Julie, I have now lost 1 full stone. I'm feeling great and most of all I am feeling happy. My confidence is also returning to those parts of my life where it lacked. I have met some great new friends (both male and female) and am excited to see what the future brings.  I feel that I have a future and am in control of it now. Thank you Julie x

CW Shireoakes December 2013
I am pleased to say that my health issues have improved and I don't have 'bad' days. I listen to the CD's often (if I start feeling stressed or not too good I listen to a CD and things pick up again).  I will certainly come and see you again if I feel the need.

I would like to say thankyou for your help and to wish to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Carol Worksop November 2013

After over 30 years of eating chocolate to the point where I became a secret eater, I am delighted to say that I now don't eat it at all.

One session with Julie has completely turned my life around and at last I feel in control of what I eat. I no longer have guilt about the amount of chocolate I have consumed and after only two weeks and 4 days, have already lost half a stone.

A life without chocolate is proving to be really positive and my health is improving each day.

So what makes Julie different; it's how much she cares and gets to really understand your emotional needs as well as providing hypnosis for what you have asked for.

Thanks Julie it was really good to see you because you have made my life so much better x


AT Retford September 2013
I have been overweight all of my life, constantly on a diet and feeling like a failure.  I tried the gastric band as a last resort as I felt sad and ashamed about my weight and my failure to do something about it. I had unhealthy relationships with some people, food and alcohol. 

The way that I feel about myself has changed thanks to meeting  Julie.  Because of this, I treat myself better, eat healthier food, take exercise and don’t beat myself up when I am not perfect.  I have lost almost 2 stones in weight since we started and I feel better about me.  I know that I can do it this time.   For the first time in many years, I feel in control of what I eat, what I drink and how I let people treat me.

TS Worksop May 2013
I have been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager and every attempt to lose weight has eventually been lost and I have gained more and more weight over the years.  I contacted Julie out of desperation as my weight affected every area of my life and I didn’t even want to go out of the house. I knew that people were looking at me, even looking in my shopping basket to see what I was buying.  I decided to use the gastric band programme.  I was surprised that much of the early part of the programme concentrated on things that were not related to food and exercise.  I now realise that I was using food to make me feel better, when in fact it made me feel worse. 

Thanks to Julie I have broken the vicious circle of eating and feeling depressed and worthless.  I now enjoy what I eat, but don’t eat so much and even want to eat healthy things.  I have started to exercise for the first time in 10 years and amazingly, I am enjoying that too.  I have lost weight, but done it gradually and it feels effortless.  I feel better about myself that I ever have.  I know that I can keep on losing weight until I get to the right weight for me.  My self-esteem has grown and I feel that I can now be the person that I always wanted to be.

Thank you Julie for helping me to break out of the awful place that I was in.  I feel like a butterfly, able to become the real me.

Jayne Burton  Worksop February 2013

Things are great! I can’t quite believe how free I feel. I actually have days where I don't think about chocolate!! Not to say I haven’t had some but I only have it if I’m not craving it, that way it seems a little disappointing and this doesn't happen very often at all. I have not had to re listen to the disc that you gave me as the session has worked so well.  But I do have it as a back-up if I ever need some additional motivation and may just do that sometime soon as Easter is fast approaching.

I have been telling all my friends about the therapy I had and I think even the non-believers amongst them cannot diss the change in me. Thank you very very much.

 AC Rotherham, November 2012

I started having panic attacks early this year and I never realised how much and how quickly they take over your life.  I went from being a normal 30 something wife and mother of two who enjoyed her independence and life, to someone who was a nervous wreck in weeks.  My life was taken over by fear and irrational thoughts for absolutely no reason.  I stopped going out, stopped taking my children anywhere and basically stopped living a normal life.

A friend of my husband’s told him she had suffered with the same thing some years ago and after trying hypnotherapy felt better, so after doing some research I found Julie on the internet and made an appointment. 

It was the best thing I ever did.  Julie showed me how to control my attacks, how to relax (which is something I never did before) but most importantly that I am someone who is strong enough to cope with this.  My confidence took a real knock when the attacks started.  I felt I was going mad, and that I was worthless, but Julie showed me that it wasn’t true and helped me to feel better about myself. 

I can never thank Julie enough for all the help that she gave me and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute in recommending Julie to anyone.  She gave me my life back and my children their mother back and for that I am eternally grateful.  So if you’re thinking of going to see Julie, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Saz, Worksop, October 2012

I came to see Julie at Isis Life Solutions when I was really struggling. I had just come off high level pain medication that I had been on for a number of years and I was looking at ways that I could cope with the pain I was now suffering and a way to get my life back on track.

Julie set out three special sessions for me that would look at managing pain and ability to be able to focus and maintaining these aspects.

I was amazed that after my first session I was able to control my pains and reduce the involuntary spasms that would follow.  It filled me with great hope, positivity and a feeling of control, something I had not had in a very long time.

Since attending Julie’s three sessions I have been able to maintain (with her CD recordings) the work we achieved in the one-to-one sessions. In addition to the pain management, I have been able to get back to work and in fact change jobs. My condition will always be with me but one I can now face and manage.

Julie gave me much more than I ever thought I could achieve and I am grateful to have found Isis Life Solutions and have been given the support that Julie has been able to provide.

I am currently in a situation where I have not needed any further sessions since the three that I originally had, but would not hesitate to arrange another session or sessions for further support if I need to.

Many thanks Julie for getting me on my feet.  I am forever grateful.

GD, Retford, September 2012

I have problems with heights as long as I can remember, but it had got so bad that I could no-longer walk on the top floor of Meadow Hall, I could not walk in the countryside without fear, I couldn’t fly on holidays and it was impacting on my family as I started to restrict my children and make them afraid to do things. My panic attacks got worse and I felt out of control. I worked with Julie using hypnosis, NLP techniques and gradual desensitisation. I now feel back in control and can go where I want, feeling safe again. I have booked a holiday and will be flying. I feel that I have got my life back. I am so glad that I chose Julie to help me.

Kevin Clarkson, Worksop, July 2012

I went to see Julie after developing a drinking problem which was beginning to impact on other areas of my life including my marriage and my work.  Since seeing Julie I have not had one drink.  There have been a couple of times when I fancied one, but I just listened to my cd instead. The desire went away and I am feeling really good, really positive and have begun sorting things that I had left for some time.  I have lost some weight and feel working with Julie has helped a lot.  She is a friendly, caring, professional who took time to understand my issues.  I would recommend Julie to anyone.

HY, Worksop, May 2012

I met Julie out of desperation.  I didn't know where to go for help.  After 4 years of personal family problems and the serious illness of myself and my daughter I was at breaking point.  My head was full of horrendous thoughts, fear and anxiety.  I was unable to sleep.  After finding Julie on line, within 10 minutes of meeting her, I felt that she was my best friend and my saviour. Two hours later,then with two more sessions  I feel happier and more content. I can now put things into perspective and face what life throws at me with confidence. I am sure that I won't need Julie's help again, as the treatment has been so effective and so comprehensive, but know she will be there for me if I ever need her.    

Thank you Julie, you gave me my life back. 

 Address: 3, St Anne's View, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3QQ
Telephone: 07852 117030